DungeonsXL 0.18-SNAPSHOT-1003

[1.8-1.16.1] Create custom dungeons and adventure maps with ease!

  1. v0.18-SNAPSHOT-1003

    This build isn't tested that much, so don't update production environments without testing.

    • Changes:
      • Compiled against Spigot API 1.16.1 (this does not mean the plugin has been "updated" to 1.16.x)
      • Updated to DRECommons 6.2: This technically allows to use the MiniMessage format in language files and elsewhere. Should also improve forward compatibility
      • Increased teleport listener priority: This hopefully...
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  2. v0.18-SNAPSHOT-994

    Hey again :)

    This dev build adds a new trigger called "presence" (in short "P") trigger that works exactly like the distance trigger but fires every time a player is in range.

    A possible use-case is the checkpoint sign that would only trigger for the first player if a distance trigger was used, or perhaps an action bar sign that should show its message every time the player gets close to it.

    Besides that, the build fixes several critical bugs.

    • New features:
      • ...
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  3. v0.18-SNAPSHOT-983

    • New features:
      • /dxl announce command
      • resetClassInventoryOnRespawn
    • Changes:
      • Permissions are now unregistered when the plugin is unloaded
    • Bugfixes:
      • Fixed an announcer NPE
      • Fixed overkill damage bug
      • Trigger signs now start with ID 0 again
      • Interact signs now generate IDs if the ID is left empty like trigger signs
      • Erroneous MFD...
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  4. v0.18-SNAPSHOT-968

    • Changes:
      • Redstone signs will now require the attached block to be powered if they are wall signs
    • Bugfixes:
      • Command signs are now registered properly
      • Fixed two possible NPEs
      • interactionBlacklist now works
      • Added lobbyContainersEnabled config value that forbids users to use containers before the game has started
    See the other snapshot changelogs...
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  5. v0.18-SNAPSHOT-962

    Trapdoors and fence gates may now be used with door signs. Also contains a minor performance improvement with triggers.

    See the other snapshot changelogs for more information.
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  6. v0.18-SNAPSHOT-960

    Fix: When a mob sign spawns its last mob, the sign's counter is reset. If the sign is triggered again, it will once more spawn n mobs instead of just 1.

    See the other snapshot changelogs for more information.
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  7. 1.8-1.12 support hotfix

    This makes the plugin ignore the fireTick gamerule in 1.8-1.12. I didn't realize Bukkit's API wasn't added before 1.13.

    Please read the changelog of #958 for further information.
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  8. v0.18-SNAPSHOT-958

    This build is a bugfix build that resolves a few of the most important problems since the implementation of the new API, including world loading problems, the "Removing entity while ticking!" thing and trigger signs. I hope that this can finally end the schism between 0.17.7, #771, #819 and latest build users - but note that especially the new sign system also included intended changes, so make sure to read the last changelogs (especially #893) if you update.

    From the last dev build...
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  9. v0.18-SNAPSHOT-952

    In the last two months, I've worked very hard to get as close as possible to the release of DungeonsXL 0.18 which I've been working on for about a year now. As a result, it is now almost feature-complete and the stability of running it with Paper and Minecraft 1.14+ has been improved a lot. Unfortunately, there are still (especially gameplay related) bugs I couldn't work on yet. The new semester has begun and I will most likely not have much time to work on DXL. My current estimation is that...
  10. v0.18-SNAPSHOT-911

    This build doesn't fix all known issues either. If you're already on a build >819, update, if not, test which one works best for you.

    This build is supposed to make game initialization more robust. If a sign has a bug, DXL used to stop the initialization of a game somewhere in the middle of the process, which obviously used to lead to weird behavior and error messages because the assumed state was never reached.

    There are probably more bugs than the script sign NPE I fixed at one go, but...
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