Dupe Fixes / Illegal Stack Remover 2.1.6

Provided fixes for several vanilla bugs that allow players to dupe on your server.

  1. New Features & Bugfix Update (MAJORLY IMPORTANT IF USING Paper 1.13)

    1) Fixed an issue with the shulker placement check that would throw an error on 1.10 servers.

    2) Removed the placed shulker check on paper 1.13... For some reason this version of paper has an issue with this block of code. It will auto disable itself when Paper 1.13 is detected. ****If you are running paper 1.13 it is HIGHLY recommended you update IllegalStack immediately. ***

    New Feature:
    1) Added protection against players flying under the nether floor with elytra....
  2. Bugfix Update

    Fixed a dispenser related issue affecting 1.12 and below servers.
  3. Rail/Carpet Duper Protection for 1.16

    Sadly it appears a couple of versions of the rail/carpet dupers do work in 1.16.. Since this has been an issue in one form or another since 1.12 I had hoped by now it was fixed on the server side.

    This update enables rail/carpet duper protection on 1.16 servers.

    Bugfix: fixed a bug that would cause an error when players tried to mount an entity on some older versions.
  4. Bugfix Update

    Fixed a bug with bedrock destruction detection that would not properly fix a headless piston in a couple of instances.

    Fixed a bug with container checking that would error on versions < 1.11

    Removed some old debug code that accidentally got left in.
  5. Bugfix Update for 1.16

    Fixed an issue preventing villager trade cheesing from working properly in 1.16
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  6. Bugfix Update

    Fixed 1.16 protections not showing up in /istack prot
    Fixed an error with 1.8 with the new inventory checking code.
  7. Bugfix Update for 1.16

    Fixed a bug causing 1.16 protections not to show up in the /istack prot list.
  8. Updated to 1.16 plus some new features and updates!

    1) Fixed an issue with illegal items not getting detected inside shulker boxes placed by dispensers.
    2) Fixed an issue that would sometimes throw console errors
    3) Updated compatibility with DynamicShop's new version ( 2.11.1 )
    4) Removed zero tick checking on an air block under a dirt/sand block in 1.15.2 versions as this form of zero ticking does not increase crop growth in 1.15.2
    5) Added an option to destroy illegally enchanted items rather than fixing them.
    6) Blocked minecarts from...
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  9. New Features & Bugfix Update

    1) Fixed a bug with /istack reload that would cause an error when the plugin was reloaded preventing config changes from sticking.
    2) Addressed a memory leak issue

    Other Changes:
    1) Adjusted the permissions checking to give more control of illegalstack features to non-op staff members. You can now grant the illegalstack.help node to any player for basic access to the command.

    illegalstack.admin -> reload the plugin, see the version, change protections
    illegalstack.notify ->...
  10. Optimization update plus some new features

    1) Added some optimizations to protections that should cut down on some tps usages in the fTimer

    2) Added a compatibility fix for users of the plugin Magic, IllegalStack will no longer remove items created by this plugin.

    3) Added an option to punish players for trying to put chests on mobs more than once. This option is DEACTIVATED by default, but once turned on a player will be warned exactly once that chests are disabled on horses/donkey/llama etc, if they try again the...