Dupe Fixes / Illegal Stack Remover 2.0.6d

Provided fixes for several vanilla bugs that allow players to dupe on your server.

  1. New Features & Bugfixes


    1) Fixed a bug that would erroneously remove a hopper if the item transfer was blocked by a locking plugin such as lockette.

    New Features:
    1) Added protection against players using enderpearls to phase through glass blocks. There is a notification for this protection however it is OFF by default as it can be kind of spammy if players are hurling pearls all over, their teleport is not stopped however their location is set to the center of the block rather than where the...
  2. New Features & Bugfixes

    1) Fixed an issue with offhand overstacked items and the overstack permission that would remove overstacked items in the offhand.

    2) Fixed the RNG exploit code to properly toggle off if disabled.

    3) Fixed an issue with the InvalidPotion detection that would remove renamed water bottles erroneously

    New Features:
    1) Now protects against a lag exploit that involves swapping offhand items very quickly causing clients to lag out / disconnect....
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  3. New Features & Bugfixes

    1) Fixed a bug for real for real this time, that would prevent items in the groupstack list from being properly detected in all instances.

    New Feature:
    Prevents the no-rocket unlimited elytra boost glitch. This glitch is painfully easy to do and allows players to ascend to insane heights above the build limit,only limited by the number of elytra they can carry!

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  4. New Features & Bugfixes

    1) Fixed a bug that would cause items put in the groupstack whitelist to still be removed when they shouldn't
    2) Fixed a bug that would check for the enchantbypass permission when no enchanted items were held by the player.

    New Features:
    1) Option to remove uncraftable/bad potions from player inventories. Potions obtained with the /give command such as potions of instant death, (healing potion with an amplifier of > 124) that can kill players even in creative....
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  5. Small bugfix update from version 2.0.5c

    Fixed a bug with the RNG Enchant exploit code that could throw a console error in a few special instances.
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  6. New Features

    1) Added an option for fixing Illegal Enchantments to specify a custom level override, this means you can override the vanilla maximum for a specific enchantment to a level you specify. Eg. Sharpness.10, this would only fix items with sharpness 11 and above.


    2) Added protection against the RNG Enchant exploit. This exploit allows players (using a cracker program) to predict and select specific enchantments to a...
  7. Bugfix update from version 2.0.5a

    Fixed a bug with the new invalid shulker protection that would sometimes throw a console error when a player logged in.
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  8. Changed OP Bypass option to a permission

    Due to multiple people asking if this was OP only or a permission I have changed the OP Bypass for FixIllegalEnchantments from OP only to a permission. This is useful if have specific players that you don't mind if they have illegally enchanted items.

    The option and config value have changed from AllowOpBypass to just AllowBypass, you'll still have to have this set to TRUE before op's or players with that permission can have the illegally enchanted items! The wiki has been updated to...
  9. Added protection against Hopper/Dropper Dupe and Shulker Box Book Ban Variant

    1) Added protection against shulker boxes with invalid data, these boxes appear to have about 700ish items worth of NBT data in them, and if a player has several of them in their inventory they are unable to log in. This is a lot like the sign/book ban however the shulker boxes alone appear in game to be perfectly fine. These boxes can also be dropped on the ground effectively "book banning" anyone who tries to log in near them even if they don't have them in their inventory. Before...
  10. Bugfix update

    Fixed a bug with the code that updates config.yml
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