Dusk ★ Minecraft Dark-Theme Website ★ Fully Responsive 1.2

A clean classy dark themed minecraft website for your server.

  1. Many improvements and a few bug fixes


    New Features:

    - The playercount now actually works.
    - You can now click to copy the IP address :)
    - The background image has been updated.
    - The icon colours have changed.
    - The font has changed from Helvetica to Open Sans.
    - The navbar hover animation has been made faster.
    - The images now appear more pronounced with a thin border and light shadow.
    - Several CSS bugs have been fixed.
    - The playercount no longer relies on an external script, so it won't break in the future (hooray!)
    - Titles are now all in uppercase.
    - The news and announcements section is a lot cleaner.
    - The "read more" button has been styled properly.
    - Skype has been removed from the contact us section (rip skype)
    - I've removed my credit at the bottom of the site but kept it in the source code. I'd appreciate if you left it there when using the site.

    Want to update from a previous version?
    Quite a bit has changed, but mostly in the CSS. I'd recommend you overwrite the entire site, but feel free to just overwrite the JavaScript, CSS and the header of the HTML.

    Please consider leaving a review if you like this update. If you have any questions or problems, don't hesitate to start a conversation with me (https://www.spigotmc.org/conversations/add).

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    Stay safe and well.

    Enjoy :)
    ~ Billy
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