DutchyCore 0.0.34

Core plugin for all my plugins

  1. TheDutchMC04
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    • 1.16
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    DutchyCore is a plugin which is required for most of my other plugins.

    DutchyCore itself does not do much, other than allow my other plugins to be loaded.

    So...what does it do then?
    As I mentioned, it's a core plugin required for my other plugins.

    DutchyCore generates a folder inside plugins/DutchyCore/modules, in there you drop my other plugins, and they'll get loaded by DutchyCore.

    So why do I do this? Well, I'm a lazy coder, I don't want to write code when I don't have to. So DutchyCore does all the boring stuff, and I get to have fun in my other plugins!

    As time passes, more modules will be added. You can find all modules here: https://github.com/DutchyPlugins

    Click on a repository, then on the right there will be a link to 'Releases', you can get the module there.

    /modules - Shows you which modules are installed, and some information about them

    dutchycore.modules - Allows the usage of /modules

    Java versions
    If you get an error messages about Java versions, check your Java version with java --version, if it shows Java 1.8, please update to Java 1.11. I no longer support Java 8.

    If you find any issues with DutchyCore, please report them here: https://github.com/DutchyPlugins/DutchyCore/issues

    I provide official support here: https://discord.com/invite/BrhNg7z

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