Dye 1.0

Script allows you to dye wool, carpets, glass, glass panes and clay by right click with dye

  1. barsukozavr
    Ever wanted to make cool carpet, paint window in your house, picture of yourself or even statue? Then this script is for you!

    With this you can dye any wool block, wool carpet, glass block, glass pane or hardened clay by right click with dye in hand!
    /dye help
    /dye ver


    - dye.player.glass
    - dye.player.glasspane
    - dye.player.wool
    - dye.player.carpet
    - dye.player.clay
    Note: You can use one dye.player.* instead of all these permissions.


    - Skript 2.1.2
    - PermissionsEx or whichever permission plugin you use
    Note: I've tested my script with Skript 2.1.2 but very likely it will work with other versions of Skript too.


    At the moment this script does all I wanted but you can offer your ideas and possibly I'll add something new.
    None atm :)
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