Dyeable Swords 2.0

Allows players to dye their diamond sword into 1 of 16 new textures!

  1. AgainstTheNight
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    Dyeable Swords is a plugin & resource pack that allows players to dye their diamond swords. All 16 colours are available.

    If you want to dye a diamond sword you'll need to make some boiling water. Light a fire under a cauldron and fill it up with water. Then you place a diamond sword into the boiling water with the dye of your choice. Not a fan? You can remove the dye, by placing the dyed item in boiling water with wool.

    You will not lose your sword's name, enchantments or lore when crafting. The swords durability must be full to dye/undye. You can find out the durability of any item via the durability indicator. This can be crafted in boiling water with a dyed sword and golden ingot. Simply place the durability indicator down and right click to get the item's durability.


    You can only repair diamond swords with mending or boiling water. To repair via boiling water, you need to put a diamond sword and at least one diamond in the cauldron. Anvils have been slightly altered. You will not be able to repair diamond swords via anvil or crafting table. You can still merge swords, as long as they are both full durability.


    You can now get a dyed sword via the command, /ds give COLOUR. For a list of colours, use tab complete. By default, you will need a permission to perform this command (can be disabled in the config).

    vendettacraft.dyeableswords.give - Allows use of /ds give COLOUR


    - Download the zip file and extract its contents.
    - Place the jar file in the plugins folder.
    - Setup a server resource pack using the supplied resource pack (You are more than welcome to change any textures).

    If you need help setting up a server resource pack, please check out this video. Also, here is a direct link to the resource pack.

    Swords dyed prior to version 2.0 will not be compatible with the current version. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.


    If you have any issues please feel free to message me.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Fuertey
    Version: 1.3
    Excellent plugin. Simple and it works as it should. Easy to change the textures if needed.
  2. Caemen
    Version: 1.3
    I originally rated this plugin a 2 star rating without realizing the impact it had on the modders who put time and effort into the plugin. I would have messaged the creator if I knew how to, because I recently created this Spigot account. I understand modders work very hard on what they do, but I did not understand the impact. Maybe I was too harsh in my original review. Some of my points still stand. I'm only reposting it because I didn't mean to make this a personal dispute between the creator.

    This is a good plugin. It's creative, innovative, and original. It's honestly something that should be in default Minecraft. I think the author is willing to listen to feedback. He's honestly not the friendliest person you'll meet, but he's still able to negotiate with you if you have some feedback or a harsh complaint, which is nice.

    This plugin is not quite a five star plugin. It still is lacking a few features that most plugins already have. I understand it is a fresh and newly developed plugin, but it still has a lot of room for improvement.

    Here's some things that need to be improved before I will use it in the future:

    1) The lore tags are somewhat annoying. You could hide them to enhance it visually and make it feel like it is a brand new item and less like a plugin. I know this is possible because many custom enchantment plugins do this.

    2) There should be permissions on who can dye swords and who cannot. I want to be the only one in my server to do this so I can give special swords for quests.

    3) Please host your own texture pack in the config, or at the very least, provide a tutorial on how to merge the textures with pre-existing resource packs. I have a plugin called Quality Armory that already has a custom resource pack and it does this. If you do this, it can make it so the user is not forced to have to manually install the resource pack themselves. Chances are, they will be too lazy to want to install it and everyone with a special sword will just look like an idiot carrying golden hoes.

    To the author:
    Thanks for listening to my feedback, even when I rated this a two star plugin. Sorry for the long dispute we had, and hopefully this new review is more constructive and less harsh. My points still stand and I appreciate you listening to my golden hoe idea, as well as posting the commands you DM'd me on the official wall.
    1. AgainstTheNight
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your honest review :) I hope I can solve these issues in the next update.
  3. BourneDev
    Version: 1.2
    Looks great! It is amazing that you took time out of your day to host a unique and FREE resource for the community. Someone however, doesn't appreciate your efforts.
    1. AgainstTheNight
      Author's Response
      It really lightens up my day when my work is appreciated, so thank you very much :)
  4. Caemen
    Version: 1.1
    It's an excellent idea for a plugin. Honestly. I was extremely excited when I downloaded this! But I have a number of complaints because I have experienced a large number of issues...

    1) It would be nice if there were permissions on who can dye swords and who cannot. I want to be the only one in my server to do this so I can give special swords for quests.

    2) Forcing a wooden sword and making it pretend to be a diamond sword is not a good way for this plugin to operate. Especially because it changes the lore of said wooden sword. This makes the user feel cheated when he or she trades his or her diamond sword to get a wooden one.

    3) You guys really need to host your texture pack. Seriously.
    1. AgainstTheNight
      Author's Response
      1) I have plans to add permissions, you can disable crafting in config.
      2) Using lore to keep the item variant's durability is needed as the only way to do this in vanilla is with "item damage variants". The wooden sword will have the same attack damage and durability as a diamond sword. And it will not really be noticeable with the resource pack enabled.
      3) No, not going to host the texture pack. Host it yourself, that way you can change textures as you please. You can get it inside the zip.
      4) Maybe consider actually talking to me before rating.