Dyeable Swords 2.0

Allows players to dye their diamond sword into 1 of 16 new textures!

  1. The biggest change yet!

    Updates in 2.0:

    Completely rewritten to avoid using lore. Durability and dye are now stored as a tag. Swords dyed prior to version 2.0 will not be compatible with the current version.

    For more information, check out the updated description for the plugin.
  2. Golden hoes are now used!

    Updates in 1.3:

    - Golden hoes are now used by default. You may set the item to back to a wooden sword in the config if you'd like.
    - Other minor code changes
  3. Crafting wooden swords has been removed!

    Updates in 1.2:

    - Removed wooden sword crafting recipe.
  4. A new way to craft!

    Updates in 1.1:

    - You can now dye and undye swords with boiling water in a cauldron
    - Crafting via crafting table is disabled by default
    - Config added
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