DyedArmor 1.1

A simple plugin to make leather armor more efficient

  1. saharNooby
    Please use my new plugin CustomArmorProtection instead, it's being updated and has significantly more features (e.g. not limited to leather armor).

    is a simple plugin, that allows you to specify damage decrease for dyed leather armor.

    If player gets any damage, plugin will decrease it by a calculated value, which is sum of all decreases of armor, that player wears.


    Basic format ([] is optional, <> is necessary):

    Code (Text):
    <'hex rgb color'|default>:
        [helmet: <damage decrease>]
        [chestplate: <damage decrease>]
        [leggings: <damage decrease>]
        [boots: <damage decrease>]
    Damage causes
    • BLOCK_EXPLOSION Damage caused by being in the area when a block explodes.
    • CONTACT Damage caused when an entity contacts a block such as a Cactus.
    • CUSTOM Custom damage.
    • DROWNING Damage caused by running out of air while in water
    • ENTITY_ATTACK Damage caused when an entity attacks another entity.
    • ENTITY_EXPLOSION Damage caused by being in the area when an entity, such as a Creeper, explodes.
    • FALL Damage caused when an entity falls a distance greater than 3 blocks
    • FALLING_BLOCK Damage caused by being hit by a falling block which deals damage
    • FIRE Damage caused by direct exposure to fire
    • FIRE_TICK Damage caused due to burns caused by fire
    • LAVA Damage caused by direct exposure to lava
    • LIGHTNING Damage caused by being struck by lightning
    • MAGIC Damage caused by being hit by a damage potion or spell
    • MELTING Damage caused due to a snowman melting
    • POISON Damage caused due to an ongoing poison effect
    • PROJECTILE Damage caused when attacked by a projectile.
    • STARVATION Damage caused by starving due to having an empty hunger bar
    • SUFFOCATION Damage caused by being put in a block
    • SUICIDE Damage caused by committing suicide using the command "/kill"
    • THORNS Damage caused in retaliation to another attack by the Thorns enchantment.
    • VOID Damage caused by falling into the void
    • WITHER Damage caused by Wither potion effect
    • DEFAULT All kinds of damage, which are decreased by default Minecraft armor
    • ALL Shortcut for all kinds of damage

    Code (Text):
    # Default color is a06540
        helmet: 0
        chestplate: 0
        leggings: 0
        boots: 0

    # Red armor
        helmet: 1
        chestplate: 2
        leggings: 1
        boots: 0