Dynamic Healing 1.6.5 for 1.7.10-1.8

Advanced health features and items!

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    Dynamic Healing

    A simple plugin that allows you to GIVE your health to an other player, to set an other player's health to a specified amount(You can kill
    them this way) and many other health-related amazing features

    Vault (Completely required for /givehp cost): http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/vault/


    /givehp <Player> [Amount] : Gives to a specified player a specified amount of health. If health is not specified it gives 5 hearts. (Since 1.5)Cost:
    health to give * give-cost (see configuration)

    (Since 1.1)/sethp <Player> <Health>: Sets a player's health to a specified amount!!!

    (Since 1.4)/dheal [Player] [Health]: Heals a player with a specified amount of health. If player is not specified it heals you. If health is not specified it fully heals the player.

    (Since 1.4)/health [Player]: Checks the health of a player!


    dynheal.givehp : Allows you to use /givehp

    (Since 1.1)dynheal.sethp : Allows you to use /sethp

    (Since 1.3)dynheal.signs.create.sethp : Allows you to create a [SetHP] sign

    (Since 1.3)dynheal.signs.use.sethp : Allows you to use a [SetHP] sign

    (Since 1.4)dynheal.heal : Allows you to use /dheal

    (Since 1.4)dynheal.health : Allows you to use /health

    (Since 1.6.1)dynheal.bandage : Allows you to use bandages.


    (Since 1.2)DynamicHealing now provides a config.yml file which contains 4 user-configurable

    max-give-health: The maximum amount of health you can give using /givehp

    lava-hurt-chance: The chance to lose health after filling a bucket with lava(Yes, this is added too!!)

    lava-hurt-amt: The amount of health you will lose after filling a bucket with lava

    (Since 1.5)give-cost: See commands

    (Since 1.6.?)bandage-slow: The amount of time, in seconds, a bandage is giving you slowness.

    (Since 1.6.5)bandage-heal: The amount of HP you get by a bandage.

    (Since 1.6.5)bandage-craft: If you can craft bandages.


    If you are going to update to a new version, delete the "Dynamic Healing" folder in your plugins folder. This allows the new config values to be loaded!


    (Since 1.3)DynamicHealing also allows you to create a [SetHP] sign to set your health to a
    specified amount!!!

    To create it, put this on a sign:



    Of course, replace <health> with the health you want the player who clicks it to have!


    (Since 1.6)In this plugin, there is 1 custom item. The bandage. It heals 2 hearts but gives slowness for 15 seconds.

    It is crafted like bread but with paper instead of wheat.
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