Dynamic Market 2.0 2.0

Global shop that follows the rules of supply and demand!

  1. eroop
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    • 1.14
    • 1.15
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    tufr, Eric Robertson, EnderGaming
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    Dynamic Market 2.0!
    Links with Vault and Any Economy Plugin!

    With Dynamic Market, item costs are updated basted on the total amount of the item available in the global shop.

    Item prices are determined by a single easy to use text files.
    Set it up yourself or take the defaults!


    Creates a global shop will all items in the game for players
    Allows anyone to buy and sell directly to it with /buy and /sell
    Item prices dynamically change with supply and demand
    Config allows you to choose what items are listed and the base price level
    Item prices are basted on their crafting materials, so the shop will never allow infinite money buys and sales


    Prices change quickly when there are very few in the shop and change instantly after every sale


    Prices are tied to the items base materials, Watch how selling an iron shovel decreases the price of iron ingots!


    /buy <item> <amount>
    /sell <item> <amount>
    /iteminfo <item>

    Each will access the global prices for all items and determine what the requested items should cost.

    How are prices calculated?

    Simply put, the price of an item is the inverse of the quantity. With half as many items, the price will double. With twice as many, the price with half!

    What about crafting? Doesn't that lead to abuse?

    We thought of that! Every item has a recipe stored with it. That recipe is used to calculate prices basted on availability. Every time that recipe requires a craft, there is a "crafting tax" added to the item! The same is true for smelting and farming!

    How to setup?

    Provided with the jar is a folder. That folder should be put into the plugins folder with your jar. That folder contains information on pricing and crafting. Edit it for customizing your economy or just take the defaults!

    Lets look at some examples:

    Code (Text):

    wooden_axe: oak_planks 3, stick 2
    wooden_hoe: oak_planks 2, stick 2
    this sets the cost calculation for two different items. When buying or selling a "wooden_axe", the plugin will adjust prices as if you bought or sold 3 planks and 2 sticks! Then some tax is added on to make if fair.

    Edit this file at your own risk, but it should be self explanatory.
    If there is any item recipe missing you can add it yourself or leave a comment and ill add it.
    Code (Text):

    cobblestone: 1
    andesite: 5

    These are examples of cost files. For items without recipies, listing them here gives a base price for the item and then it will fluctuate around that as people buy and sell

    The specifics of going from `cobblestone: 1` to an in game price are probably over complicated, but this number is not the literal price but a relative price when compared to other items.

    Increasing the value will act as if you just sold a lot of cobblestone into the shop and decreasing it will act as if you removed some.

    Thats all folks, feedback apriciated
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Recent Reviews

  1. Captain_Sisko
    Version: 2.0
    I can't believe nobody has implemented this sooner. This is great for servers looking to actually have a balanced economy
  2. TerribleTacos
    Version: 2.0
    I love this plugin! Dynamic pricing is the way of the future, the last thing that would make this plugin perfect would be a GUI listing all the items, possibly with a category switcher on the bottom :)