DynamicBungee beta 0.3-preview

simple way to dynamically add servers and forced hosts (coming) to your proxy

  1. miacx
    Native Minecraft Version:
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    • 1.18
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    miacx, derkades
    simple plugin that allows you to dynamically add servers and forced hosts to your bungeecord/waterfall server

    Here's a video demonstration

    • Adding servers (with motd and restricted settings)
    • Removing servers
    • A more detailed server list than glist
    • Permission checks for each of the commands
    • (in beta 0.3-preview) Configuration file that'll be read and added in onEnable() so you don't have to add all your servers every restart
    Coming Soon
    • fix to the serverlist so it actually displays playercount
    • more command aliases
    • forced hosts
    • configurable serverlist table so you can hide all the different columns (for privacy concerning ip-addresses / hosts)
    • colored serverlist table :3
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Recent Reviews

  1. JekoTC
    Version: beta 0.3-preview
    Good plugin for proxy , i love it , but you need to make that better :D

    10 Star for this project :>
    1. miacx
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