DynamicProxy v1.0

Simple dynamic proxy demo plugin

  1. Drepic
    This is a simple plugin which allows dynamic discovery and adding of servers to your bungee network.

    This is a demo plugin and should be seen only as a proof of concept.

    This plugin requires Proton to be installed and configured.​

    How to use (if you're curious):

    1. Put a copy of the plugin on both your network proxy and spigot server
    2. Setup the config file on the spigot server. (In the demo video, I'm using docker and scripts to automate this part).
    3. Make sure the secret in the config.yml (spigot) and secret.yml (bungee) match.
    4. Start the servers up. The spigot server should be discovered and added to the network.
    config.yml (spigot):
    Code (YAML):
    #host, port, id are in the config so you can use ENV_VARs to set them (useful for docker deployments)
    #requestTimeout in seconds
    : 10
    : "proxy"
    : "secret"
    : "lobby1"
    : "localhost"
    : 25565
    : "I was just dynamically added to the network"
    : false
    secret.yml (bungee):
    Code (YAML):
    secret: "secret"