DynamicSlots 1.0

Set the slots of your server based on mysql, file or web queries or by adding to your player count!

  1. Phoenix616
    [​IMG] Made in Germany with love (and beer)

    Did you ever want an over engineered plugin just to change a single number? Then this is what you were looking for!

    DynamicSlots lets you dynamically set the max player count of your BungeeCord's or Bukkit's Minecraft server list entry!

    You can define multiple dynamic sources from where the plugin will get your slot/max player count from or just make it add additional slots above your player count. Everything is fully configurable and you can even manually set the slot count via a command.

    For example with the MySQL query of the default config it will set the slot count to the amount of players that your server had in the last 24 hours using LogBlock's player table.

    Aliases: /dynamicslots, /dynamicslot, /ds
    Permission: dynamicslots.command

    /ds info - dynamicslots.command.info - Shows some information about your current setup
    /ds reload - dynamicslots.command.reload - Reload the config
    /ds set <count> - dynamicslots.command.set - Manually set the slot count and overwrite any configured amount
    /ds reset - dynamicslots.command.reset - Reset a manually set count back to the configured one​

    Code (YAML):
    # How long to cache the results of the source's query for
    : 300
    # Slot count used when static source is used or no dynamic slot count was found
    # Setting slots to -1 will cause it to display the real slot count in that case
    : 100
    # Max amount of slots that should be displayed
    : 10000
    # Amount of slots to add when the online count is the same or above the count that would be displayed
    # Use 0 to disable this feature completely
    # Negative values will subtract from the real playercount
    # (Why you would ever do that is beyond me but you can if you want!)
    : 1
    # The source where we want to get the slots from
     # Possible types include mysql, file, static and url
    : static
      # The mysql query, file path or web url
    : 'select COUNT(*) as count from `lb-players` WHERE lastlogin > DATE_ADD(NOW(), INTERVAL -1 DAY) AND onlinetime > 60'
      # The regex pattern to try to get the count from when the query returns a string
    : ''
      # Additional settings for the mysql source
    : username
    : password1
    : mydatabase
    : localhost
    : 3306


    Programming is time intensive and I would really appreciate your support!
    So if you can afford it or make commercially use of this plugin feel free to buy me a beer.

    Patreon with rewards: Patreon
    Paypal: https://s.moep.tv/donate
    Ðoge: D7G4Svo7GTNHpuhjwUBj2k7qANnZHwYD4p
    BTC: 1EXMFRknc7kLwCmM1zf5LXNnPD4ihVCEhQ

    Other Resources
    This resource is distributed under the terms of the MPLv2.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Steets
    Version: 1.0
    I'll be honest -- I usually avoid resources that haven't been updated in a while, because it means they've been abandoned and don't work. Not here though. This plugin doesn't need to be updated, because the author nailed it on the first try, and it's still working flawlessly four years later. This offers such great control over the player count, and it's super light-weight too! I love the MySQL integration.
  2. N3rdy
    Version: 1.0
    Link broken!! Please fix the link for me download and test the plugin =C
    1. Phoenix616
      Author's Response
      Seems to work when I test it? Make sure you aren't going through a cloudflare check when trying to download it, iirc. that can sometimes break some direct download links.
      Otherwise just get it from the github release directly.
  3. iDavid86920
    Version: 1.0
    A very complete plugin, it has many functions that others do not have and allows reload without turning off the server. Very good plugin recommended.