DynamicTags 1.0

Differentiate your players in the tab list!

  1. Tudedude
    The flat white tab list looks boring, right? While it is fairly useful, a flat white tab list isn't going to catch anyone's eye. With DynamicTags, you can both make your server's player list more interesting and more useful.

    DynamicTags features a very simple and easy-to-learn system to quickly set up per-rank tags in the tab list. In the configuration file, you can add a permissions node under the "tags" section, followed by the string of the tag you want to give that rank, for example:
    . The permission will then be "titles." followed by whichever node you defined. Once a permission is set this way and loaded in (which can be achieved using /tags reload), if a player is given the permission (e.g. titles.owner) either directly or through a rank, the player will be given the tag in the tab list!

    DynamicTags has several features built in to help you easily bring these features to your server:
    • Easy-to-use and lightweight configuration system
    • Lightweight and fast timers, to quickly keep your tab lists up to date
    • Full color and formatting support
    • 32 character length support
    • Ready to use out of the box, very little configuration necessary
    But that's not all! DynamicTags also has several features planned for future updates, including
    • Configurable top-level permission node (titles.{title})
    • Configurable task timers
    • Header and footer support
    • Header and footer animation support
    • Tag animation support
    Don't see a feature here that you want support for? Feel free to request in the discussions section, I promise I don't bite.
    The DynamicTags default configuration for v1.0 is very simple, providing easily understandable examples for tag creation:
    This simply will create 4 tags (&f[&a&lOWN&f] &c, &f[&b&lADM&f] &c, &f[&c&lMOD&f] &c, and &8[&dDFLT&8] &d) with matching permission nodes (titles.owner, titles.admin, titles.moderator, and titles.default, respectively). You can freely remove, edit, or add to these as you please, but take care to follow the format, or it will break upon loading.
    Configuration files can be reloaded in-game with /tags reload
    Introduced to spigot.

Recent Reviews

  1. Airsoft14
    Version: 1.0
    Awesome plugin men! but i have a little bug, im in the group owner and i give prefix of the group mod! :/ Good Job!
    1. Tudedude
      Author's Response
      The reason that happens is because you are opped, which means you get the permissions for the mod group as well, negate the permission for yourself and it should work fine (for example, give yourself the -titles.moderator permission)