DynapriceGUI 1.1

Provides an easy to use GUI for Dynaprice

  1. TrueMiles
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    This plugin allows you to easily create inventory based GUI shops with the dynaprice plugin. If you find bugs or have suggestions let me know.


    Create multiple inventory based shops.
    Allows for linking between shops.
    Saves players last page upon re-entering the command.

    /shop - Displays the shop

    set - Whether to use the configured shop or default.
    guis - A list of all guis to be loaded where the first gui is the default.
    title - The name to be displayed on the inventory page and items when linking.
    icon - The icon the link should have (item must be registered through dynaprice)
    items - A list of all items and their location

    Item Types
    • shop (name) - the specified item is to be listed as a sellable item in the inventory
    • target (name) - clicking on this item will open a new inventory of the gui name specified.
    • refresh - forces a refresh of all prices listed on items
    • close - closes the shop
    Move the Dynaprice.jar into your plugins folder. Start your server. Configure the config.yml file with your shops then change the set value to true. Restart your server.

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