Dynmap® v3.3-beta-5

Dynamic 'Google Maps' style web maps for your Spigot/Bukkit server

  1. Model fixes, memory use reduction, tab completion on commands, etc

    - Add tab completion on commands (thanks to JLyne)
    - Reduce memory use during renders, improve lighting performance

    - Fix block renders for lanterns, bells, pistons, mushrooms, composters, grindstones, end portals, pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, crafting tables, furnaces
    - Fix problem with rendering blocks above Y=304
    - Improve SQL storage error logging, more common code
    - Upgrade to Leaflet 1.8.0-dev to workaround seams between map tiles in some browsers
    - Improve handling of purgemap in...
  2. More 1.18 fixes, lighting fixes, and performance improvements

    - Add basic lighting engine to work around bad lighting in incompletely migrated chunks (black bands)
    - Improve chunk generate triggers for map tiles corresponding to negative Y coordinates (1.18 chunks)
    - Improve performance of chunk decode and access (faster renders)
    - Add sanitizing of all web chat messages and Dynmap log messages to neutralize any Log4J exploit attempts - log attempts in server log (hackAttemptBlurb setting to control substituted string)
    - Fix problem with webp v1.2.x
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  3. More fixes and updates for 1.18+, improvements for 1.15.2+

    • Handle negative height values for ISO perspective clipping
    • Migrate Spigot 1.14 to 1.16.4 to use Generic chunk management (code reduce, performance improvement)
    • Add simple lighting generation for migrated chunks with missing light, apply lighting workaround to 1.16.5+ (handle funky 1.18 upgrade behavior)
    • Fix handling of single block state sections (zero bit palette - chunk sections with only one block type not rendering)
    • Fix boosted top-down-view map artifacts (artifacts...
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  4. Updates for v1.18.1, 3d biome support for 1.16+, performance boost

    - Support up to Paper/Spigot 1.18.1
    - Add new chunk manager, including support for 3D biomes and improving render performance 20-25% on 1.16.5, 1.17.1, and 1.18.x

    - Revert snakeyaml library update to fix problem with parsing Windows-formatted yaml files

    - Add support for largeplayerfaces option for bigger player markers on map

    - Avoid initial ERROR when no markers.yml file (first installation)
  5. Update for Spigot/Paper 1.18 support

    - Added support for 1.18 (Forge, Fabric, Spigot)

    - Handle fields in yaml config files with "/" - fix for #3533

    - Shift to building with Gradle 7.3, OpenJDK 17 (needed for 1.18)
    - Fix missing icons in web UI
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  6. v3.2.1 - updated web UI, CavesAndCavernsPreview support, other 1.17.1 updates

    • Added support for Forge 1.16.5, Forge 1.17.1, Fabric 1.17.1
    • Add support for CavesAndCavernsPreview data pack in 1.17 for Spigot, Forge, and Fabtic
    • Fix missing blocks for 1.17, and problems with rail blocks
    • Extend hideores blocks to include new ores
    • Shift player image loading to off server thread under all conditions (thanks to @JLyne )
    • Update to latest Leaflet library in UI, including hotfix for caching issue (thanks to...
  7. Improved 1.17.1 support, including 'Caves and Caverns Data Pack' support

    - Minor fixes and updates
    - Initial support for 'Caves and Caverns Data Pack' - specifically for rendering from Y = -64 to Y = 319 on worlds with this feature enabled.
  8. More 1.17 updates and fixes

    - Basic support for standing and wall banners (not complete - frankly more work that it is likely worth to handle all of it...)
    - Add api-version: 1.13 to shut up Spigot resource version complains
    - Fix for moss_carpet.png and other 1.17 blocks
    - Update SkinRestorer support to work with newer version (v14.1) (thanks to @kdkazad)
    - Webchat fix when using postgresql (thanks to @jzdm)
    - Make web UI aware of not being visible (reduce updating when not) (thanks to @Programie)...
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  9. v3.2-beta-1 - initial 1.17 support

    This is a first drop for including support for Spigot 1.17. It is lightly tested, and is nor likely to be of interest to folks running 1.16.5 or earlier, at this point, though it should work.

    Most, but not all, new 1.17 blocks have been added - beta-2 is expected to include the remaining blocks.
  10. v3.1

    - Fixed non replacing (timestamp) placeholder in configuration request (thanks to Programie)
    - Update SkinsRestorer hook to v14 API (thanks to stepech)
    - Resize stateByID by 10% instead of a single element at a time (thanks to miiichael )
    - Added rendering performance...
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