Dynmap-Multiserver 0.4.0

Merge your Dynmap together into one big map

  1. Moved Config to Yamler. Added IP Config

    This update breaks your Config files. If you update be sure to reconfigure the Multiserver.

    Also added a IP Option for the Webserver
  2. Fixed mismatching Version error in all newer Dynmaps

    Fixed mismatching Version error in all newer Dynmaps
  3. Fixed a Error in Hotlinks

  4. Fixed a dynmap_config.json Init error when Dynmap is updating the same time we check


    Code (Text):
    0:21:19,635 ERROR Main:74 - Could not boot up this Dynmap
    net.cubespace.dynmap.multiserver.DynmapInitException: dynmap_config.json in the standalone Folder is missing. Be sure you started the Dynmap
        at net.cubespace.dynmap.multiserver.DynmapServer.preCheck(DynmapServer.java:152)
        at net.cubespace.dynmap.multiserver.DynmapServer.<init>(DynmapServer.java:98)
        at net.cubespace.dynmap.multiserver.Main.main(Main.java:71)
  5. Merged Playes better

    Improved merging of Players
    Named Update Thread for easier debugging
  6. Added more Components

    Added Chat, Chatballoon, Location and the Clock Component

    Fixed a Bug in the Playercounter
  7. Merge Player positions over Servers away

    Fixed a bug where changing the Dynmap Server the Player disappeared.

    You now can set a Custom Title in the main.yml