Dynmap v3.0-beta-3

Dynamic 'Google Maps' style web maps for your Spigot/Bukkit server

  1. Dynmap v2.6-beta-1

    • Sanitize HTML for user display names, markers
    • Fix circle marker updates (thanks to NathanWolf!)
    • Add new map icons (thanks to Kim)ax89
    • Add MariaDB map storage support (thanks to rouing!)
    • Fix skin loading (Mojang terminated old API)
    • Allow setting of world sea level
    • Fix night rendering (and other custom ambient light levels)
    • Add 'linespacing' attribute to Topo shader
    • Add 'sidebarmarkers' component and resizing errors (thanks to Pisi-Deff)
    • Fix skin fetch for players with cyrillic nmes (thanks to ensirius)
    • Fix bad metadata index (exception)
    • Fix Shucker RP scaling excecptions
    • Fix block name tile path handling in CTM
    • Switch to stdrot for modsupport textures
    • Fix precision on 90 degree rotations
    • Remap javax servlet library - Forge for 1.12 has problems
    • Add support for game profile based player images
    • Add support for LuckPerms offline based permissions (thanks to lucko!)
    • Drop setBlockNames: make getBlockIDMap fully qualified


    1. upload_2018-7-8_21-56-50.png
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