Dynmap v3.0-beta-3

Dynamic 'Google Maps' style web maps for your Spigot/Bukkit server

  1. Dynmap v3.0-beta-1

    • Fix Chest rendering models for v1.13
    • Fix Trapdoor rendering models for v1.13
    • Fix button rendering models for v1.13
    • Handle lighting exceptions for blocks at Y=255
    • Improve Forge chunk state performance (faster renders)
    • Support JustEnoughIDs, NotEnoughIDs and more than 4096 block IDs and 256 biomes on Forge 1.12.2
    • Fix Spigot v1.13 handling for inhabited ticks and chunk unload queue
    • Handle chunks missing biome data
    • Add improvement to underwater shader: hide-land=false to show land and sea bottom, while hiding water
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