Dynmap v3.0-beta-10

Dynamic 'Google Maps' style web maps for your Spigot/Bukkit server

  1. Spigot v1.15 Support

    • Support new v1.15 blocks (beehive, bee nest, honey, honeycomb)
    • Support for v1.15 chunk/world data loading (thanks to JAysz0n and pk910)
    • Fix sky lighting default when no sky light data (assume 'full lighting' vs 'no lighting') - help with black areas on incompletely generated/migrated chunks
    • Fix handling of mixed case texture names in CTM resource packs
    • Fix incorrect transparency handling on copyblock based blocks
    • Handle legacy block IDs in some CTM resource packs
    • Support LuckPerms v4.x and v5.x (thanks to SijmenSchoon)
    • Support for resume of fullrender (/dynmap fullrender resume <world>) (thanks to Marvosg)
    • Update for bStats reporting (thanks to SijmenSchoon and MiniDigger)
    • Fix for disappearing sign markers (thanks to tiagoad and gabsoftware)
    • Fix for 1.13+ api warning (thanks to TheDGOfficial)
    • Addition of HD skins support (thanks to ExerciseBook)
    • Load page updates immediately (thanks to lennartbecker)
    • Support for using PostgreSQL for map storage (required bring-your-own JDBC driver jar!) (thanks to baconwaifu)
    • Enable parallel building of gradle build (thanks to RalphORama)
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