Dynmap v3.2-beta-2

Dynamic 'Google Maps' style web maps for your Spigot/Bukkit server

  1. More 1.17 updates and fixes

    - Basic support for standing and wall banners (not complete - frankly more work that it is likely worth to handle all of it...)
    - Add api-version: 1.13 to shut up Spigot resource version complains
    - Fix for moss_carpet.png and other 1.17 blocks
    - Update SkinRestorer support to work with newer version (v14.1) (thanks to @kdkazad)
    - Webchat fix when using postgresql (thanks to @jzdm)
    - Make web UI aware of not being visible (reduce updating when not) (thanks to @Programie)
    - Update source code to use Gradle v7.1 and JDK 14 (spigot version still built for JDK 8, since it needs to work with everything before 1.17) (BIG thanks to @kosma Moczek, for this and related Forge and Fabric work, including the Fabric 1.17 port!)
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