Dynmap v3.1-beta-6

Dynamic 'Google Maps' style web maps for your Spigot/Bukkit server

  1. v3.1-beta-6: important security fix for servers using SQL map storage

    Happy New Year!!

    This is an important release, in that it is addressing an important security issue for people using SQL for map storage
    Specifically, it is relevant if:
    • You use PostgresSQL, MariaDB, or MySQL for your map storage, AND
    • You use the internal web server (or a proxy leveraging the internal web server) to serve the maps (versus an external web server with PHP)
    If this is the case, it is very important to do the following:
    • Update to this release (or...
  2. v3.1-beta5: with Spigot/Papert 1.16.4 support!

    - Support for Spigot/Paper 1.16.4 (thanks to DeGup!)
    - Added support for WEBP image format
    - Fix jQuery update
  3. v3.1-beta-4 : includes Spigot/Paper 1.16.3 support

    - Include 1.16.3 support
    - Fix marker updates to undefined marker sets
    - Split JSON to help with some browser parsing issues
    - Fix podzol shading
    - jQuery update
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  4. Beta-3a (hotfix): chest rendering and non-default world names fixes

    - Fix rendering of chests (1.16+)
    - Fix for legend icons with non-default world names (not 'world')
  5. v3.1-beta-3 - includes Spigot/Paper 1.16.2 support!

    • Updated to support Spigot/Paper 1.16.2
    • Added checks to prevent /dmarker from allowing adding of markers to non-persistent marker sets (confusing results for users)
    • Improved map menu icons (thanks to Kimax89!)
    • Various document and template fixes (thanks to FedUpWith-Tech!)
    • Add fix for Vault permission provider
  6. Dynmap v3.1-beta-2

    The features of this release include:

    - Fix piston and sticky piston rendering

    - Fix stone slab texture on 1.13.2+

    - Handle malformed skin URL contents

    - Handle update events on disabled forge worlds properly

    - Reduce output from /dmap listareas command to be more useful

    - Add /dmap worldgetlimits/worldaddlimit/worldremovelimit commands to allow control of visibility and hidden limits from command line
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  7. Spigot v1.16.1 support added

    This release is safe to use on earlier Spigot versions, but has almost no changes relevant to pre-1.16.1 versions.

    • Support should properly render all new 1.16.1. blocks
    • Rendering of wall blocks should handle the new vertical connection added in 1.16.1
    • Should handle pristine 1.16.1 worlds, as well as those upgraded from 1.15.2
    • Do be sure to use the latest Spigot 1.16.1 - everyone has been moving very fast on this release!
    Please be sure to report any issues found...
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  8. v3.0.1 release

    Hot fix release for v3.0:

    • Fix for incomplete initialization of map markers, resulting in no visible markers
    • Fix for occasional server shutdown stall due to non-daemon thread
    Note: this build was a hotfix, so the version internally will display as '3.0-SNAPSHOT-338' - this is fine: it's just that I didn't run a clean build when I went from the tested hotfix to the 'tagged for release' build.
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  9. v3.0 Release

    • Support for 1.8.9 through 1.15.2 SpigotMC and PaperMC
    • Fixes for enter/exit title messages - queue up when multiple triggered
    • Shift storage calls off of server thread - remove lag from slow databases or file system
  10. v3.0 Release Candidate 3

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