Dynmap v3.0-beta-3

Dynamic 'Google Maps' style web maps for your Spigot/Bukkit server

  1. Dynmap v3.0-beta-3

    • Add workaround for Spigot 1.13.2 bug with loadChunk(x,z,false) - allows rendering of pre-1.13 chunks on 1.13
    • Fix oak stairs model for pre-1.13
    • Add forum and issue tracker URLs
    • Fix chunkgenerate and chunkpopulate trigger, world idle-out on Forge 1.10.2, 1.11.2, 1.12.2
    • Fix 1.13 world border support, handle world border changes
    • Fix scaling of player health bar
    • Improve ETag caching support for image tiles
    • Add blockname and statename support to CTM
    • Fix 1.13 snow...
  2. Dynmap v3.0-beta-2

    • Add support for Spigot/CraftBukkit v1.13.2
    • Fix 1.13 flowerpot models
    • Fix 1.13 sign models
  3. Dynmap v3.0-beta-1

    • Fix Chest rendering models for v1.13
    • Fix Trapdoor rendering models for v1.13
    • Fix button rendering models for v1.13
    • Handle lighting exceptions for blocks at Y=255
    • Improve Forge chunk state performance (faster renders)
    • Support JustEnoughIDs, NotEnoughIDs and more than 4096 block IDs and 256 biomes on Forge 1.12.2
    • Fix Spigot v1.13 handling for inhabited ticks and chunk unload queue
    • Handle chunks missing biome data
    • Add improvement to underwater shader:...
  4. Dynmap v3.0-alpha-3

    • New fluid rendering model: flowing water/lava rendered to match in-game models, 1.13 immersed blocks rendered properly at surface (partially submerged blocks like slabs, stairs, etc)
    • Fix for white stained glass in 1.13.x
    • Avoid warnings for 1.13.1 blocks in 1.13
    Fluid rendering change applies to all versions, not just 1.13.x
  5. Dynmap v3.0-alpha-2

    Changes since alpha-1:

    • Added support for v1.13.1 (v1.13 support is still present, but will be removed next release)
    • Fixed missing textures for blue wool blocks
    • Fixed redstone wire rendering in v1.13+
    • Fixed door models in v1.13+
    • Fixed huge mushroom rendering in v1.13+
    • Fixed glass pane and iron fence models in v1.13+
    • Fixed vine models in v1.13+
    • Fixed prismarine stairs, slabs in v1.13+
    • Fixed fence gate models in v1.13+
    • Fixed broken cave rendering in v1.13+...
  6. Dynmap v3.0-alpha-1

    • Added initial support for Spigot/CB v1.13
    • Rework renderer internals to support both pre and post 1.13 MC versions
    • Minor render performance improvements
  7. Dynmap v2.6-beta-1

    • Sanitize HTML for user display names, markers
    • Fix circle marker updates (thanks to NathanWolf!)
    • Add new map icons (thanks to Kim)ax89
    • Add MariaDB map storage support (thanks to rouing!)
    • Fix skin loading (Mojang terminated old API)
    • Allow setting of world sea level
    • Fix night rendering (and other custom ambient...
  8. Dynmap v2.5

    • Add support for v1.12
    • Fix GlowStone support (thanks to satoshinm!)
    • Shift from using mcstats to using bstats.org (thanks to KovuTheHusky!)
    • Fix modid:name handling in CTM RPs
    • Add support for 1.8 top and bottom buttons (thanks to RoyCurtis!)
    • Update Jetty to 8.1.21.v20160908
    • Fixes for MySQL for standalone servers (thanks to Maxincredible52!)
    • Fixes for standalone PHP files for PHP7 (thanks to SimonOrJ!)
    • Fixed config.php for standalone servers with database...
  9. Dynmap v2.4

    • This version should work with Spigot/Craftbukkit v1.7.10 through v1.11.2
    • Update to support v1.10.2 and v1.11 blocks (thanks to RoyCurtis!)
    • Improve blank tile performance and proxy behavior (thanks to HenrySlawniak!)
    • Fix problem in MySQL connection pooling (thanks to acrawley!)
    • Fix for brewing stand render (thanks to Developaws!)
    • Workaround RP problems with mixed texture sizes
    • Fix UI layer priority ordering (thanks to SimonOrJ!)
    • Remove old Spout libraries
  10. Dynmap v2.3

    • Version should work with Spigot v1.7.10 through v1.10
    • Update for 1.10 - make workaround for Spigot API permanent
    • Workaround unloadChunk problem on Spigot/CB 1.9 (entity freeze on some chunks)
    • Workaround problems with rendering on TerrainControl custom biomes
    • Add support for Spigot/CraftBukkig v1.9
    • Remove duplicate removeEntities - thanks to Aikar!
    • Clear the affected cache if triggerRender...() is called - thanks to Black-Hole!
    • Fix marker icons stored in...