dzlJail - A Denizen Script 1.1

Punish unruly players by putting them in time out! 25 to Life!

  1. Saints420
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Have you ever needed a simple Jail command to control unruly players, without all the extra frills and features of an all in one plugin?

    dzlJail Is just what you're looking for. You can jail players with ease, and free them just as easily.

    • Create a jail: /jail set <cellname> (uses your location)
    • Delete a jail: /jail del <cellname>
    • Send a player to jail: /jail send <playername>
    • Release a player from jail: /jail free <playername>
    • Accurate tab completion
    • Fast and easy. Zero lag.
    • Drag and Drop Functionality
    • Mute for jailed players.
    • dz.admin.jail - access to all related commands


    How to install:
    1. extract script from .zip and place in your denizen/scripts folder
    2. run /ex reload from the console or restart your server
    3. profit?!

    All reviews are greatly appreciated, and I would love to hear your feedback! If you have any problems with the script, make sure you post your issue in the correct place. Reviews are for reviews.

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    Not all 'final version' scripts are kept on the server. Script testing availability limited to scripts in memory.

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