dzlJobs [BETA] - A Denizen Script 0.3

Pay your players for completing various tasks!

  1. Saints420
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    If you're like me, you're always looking for another great way to put that economy plugin to good use. dzlJobs lets your players get paid for doing the things they already do...playing the game!

    Jobs is the famous plugin that MANY servers use as a part of their core ecosystem. dzlJobs is the Denizen scripted equivalent, aiming at becoming a drop in replacement for all of the core features of the competition, as well as being faster, smaller, and easier to understand.

    Examples of the messages you will see with dzlJobs!

    Current Jobs:
    • Woodcutter
    • Miner
    • Butcher <new!>
    • Carpenter <new!>
    • More on the way VERY soon!

    /job - core command for all dzlJobs functions.

    Sub Commands: (these come after /job - e.g. /job info Miner)
    info <job> - Shows information about the selected job
    list - List available jobs on the server
    join <job> - Joins the selected job
    quit <job> - Leaves the selected job
    points - Displays points info for the player

    Permissions: (more perms to come with later features)
    • accurate tab completion
    • super easy setup (seriously... easy)
    • configurable level cap
    • configurable rates
    • action bar payout notifications
    • easy to understand configs for each job
    • all built into a single file!
    Planned Features:
    • Points shop
    • Custom items for points shop
    • many more jobs
    • expanded block types for each job
    • expanded actions for each job
    • ability to turn off actionbar payouts
    • permission per job? (probably not)
    • permission per job type (probably)
    • job types/categories (useful for giving access to special jobs for certain groups)

    Tested on:
    Paper/Spigot 1.16x using the latest stable version of Denizen

    How to install:
    1. Extract and drop dzlJobs.dsc into your denizen/scripts folder
    2. Type ex reload in the console, or /ex reload in game to load the script.
    3. Assign the permission to your preferred groups
    4. Profit!
    Q: Why Denizen?
    A: Denizen offers a powerful scripting engine backed by a community of extremely active developers. Denizen scripts are FAST. Faster than ANY plugin by comparison.
    Q: Jobs and Jobs Reborn have much more to offer why should we switch?
    A: I'm not asking you to switch, that would be bad, especially if your server depends on jobs. While this script is being written in a way to replace (most) functions of the official plugins, It will always fundamentally function in a different way. Therefore it's recommended that you only download this if you don't have any current concrete ties to a plugin made for the same thing. dzlJobs is under active development, and not all features have been implemented yet. You should expect bugs, as this is just the beta release.
    Q: Why Vault?
    A: Vault is required for economy integration. Without it, your players won't get any moneys. If you don't have this yet, you should.... what are you doing, go get it!

    Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated, but be sure to do it in the appropriate section. Reviews are for reviews, and support questions will NOT be answered in reviews.

    If you would like to test out dzlJobs for yourself before downloading, you can join our Minecraft server at:

    I will provide support and answer questions much faster on our discord server:

Recent Reviews

  1. avtario
    Version: 0.3
    Excellent starting point to build a custom job system, thanks! Hopefully you can post a few of your other plugin replacement scripts, I would love to optimize things but getting rid of features I don't like.
    1. Saints420
      Author's Response
      Thanks so much for the review. I stopped working on these, but recently I'm finding more time to get back into minecraft, so I will definitely will revisit this!