dzlMOTD - A Denizen Script 1.0

Show your players a unique MOTD when they join your server!

  1. Saints420
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Sometimes you want to have a beautiful Message Of The Day, but you don't want to force it down a players throat. This script lets you do just that, and gives players (with permission) the ability to turn it off, so they don't see it when they log in anymore!

    Simple Features:
    • Customize your motd in the config section of the script. Add, remove, modify lines as you see fit!.
    • Supports minecraft color codes
    • Disable/enable MOTD with permission
    • Configurable cooldown for command
    • Extract dzlMOTD.dsc from the zip file, and place in your denizen/scripts folder.
    • Customize the message lines in the config section of the script to your liking.
    • Reload your scripts with /ex reload
    • Profit?!
    Commands and Permissions:
    • /motd <toggle>
      • dz.user.motd
    Use /motd to run the MOTD for the user executing the command
    Use /motd toggle to enable/disable MOTD per player.

    Q: Why Denizen? A: Denizen offers a powerful scripting engine backed by a community of extremely active developers. Denizen scripts are FAST. Faster than ANY plugin by comparison. Have a look at my dzlJobs Script for an example of how an entire plugin can be rewritten using Denizen with MUCH faster results.

    Q: Essentials already has a MOTD, Why should I switch to your MOTD script? A: Correct! Essentials has a very nice MOTD, but it can be confusing to some users, not to mention outdated and hard to find resource documentation, ambiguous names etc. Some users ONLY use essentials for the MOTD functionality, and this is a performance friendly, easy to understand alternative. Not a replacement for Essentials.
    If you want a replacement for (many functions of) essentials, You'll have to stay tuned for my dzlCORE release. Planned for later this year.

    As always suggestions and feedback are highly appreciated, and reviews are welcome too! If you want to discuss this resource make sure to do so in the appropriate place, and leave the reviews section for reviews :)

    Need support? You can reach me much faster on discord!

    Want to check out the MOTD in action? Log into our Minecraft server!