dzlStimulus - A Denizen Script 1.1

Give your players an economic boost! Stimulus Checks!

  1. Saints420
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    It's a tough world out there, and players know it! Give them the monetary relief they need by letting them cash a stimulus check!


    /stim info - returns the players stimulus information
    /stim help - lists help info for stimulus commands
    /stim get - claim your stimulus check!
    • dz.user.stimulus
    You can even add permissions to the list for players to get bonus checks!


    • accurate tab completion
    • configurable amount
    • configurable bonus
    • configurable cooldown
    • can disable bonus


    Tested on:
    Paper/Spigot 1.16x using the latest stable version of Denizen

    How to install:

    1. drop dzlStimulus.dsc into your denizen/scripts folder
    2. type ex reload in the console, or /ex reload in game to load the script
    3. profit!

    Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated, but be sure to do it in the appropriate section. Reviews are for reviews, and support questions will NOT be answered in reviews.

    If you would like to test out dzlStimulus for yourself before downloading, you can join our minecraft server at

    I will provide support and answer questions much faster on our discord server:

    edit: added links for denizen and vault, forgot donor link.

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