E Plugin 1.0

Random fun/useful commands!:D

  1. RusticGM
    Ill be updating this plugin when i feel like updating it, it won't become my top priority it will always be a side project but i will be sure to always update it to the latest version of MC.

    Please feel free to comment what you'd like to see!!

    /Brb Broadcasts player will be right back!


    Editable config!

    /Lol sends message as player Laughing out loud

    /Poll Poll choice 1 choice 2 choice 3

    /Poke pokes a player broadcasting player poked player taking half a heart with a cool down set in config default 5 seconds.

    /Eop Eop message sends a message that'll be displayed to ops or a specific group only.

    /Playtime tells you how long you've been playing since plugin has been installed.