EarlyHG Minegame 1.0

EarlyHG Minegame, is a minegame simulation Hunger Games.

  1. NicolasDuff

    EarlyHG Minegame, is a minegame simulation Hunger Games in order to train your game and test your abilidas this game. Having a system to upload the sword that starts with a wooden sword, she will have an upgrade every 5 deaths coming until the last sword is the diamond.


    /earlyhg To participate in the EarlyHG.
    /earlyhg leave To leave the EarlyHG.
    /earlyhg setlobby For defining the Entry.
    /earlyhg setleave For defining the Leave.
    /earlyhg reload Reloads config file.
    /earlyhg help Commands Plugin.


    - EarlyHG.admin Permission to set the Lobby and leave and do reload the configs.


    Download the EarlyHG Minegame.
    Place in the Plugins folder.
    Restart the server.
    Choose where will be the lobby of the arena, and the output thereof.
    Have a good time.

    Suggestions or bugs? Post a ticket!