EasierBackup 1.3.0

Keeps your server files safe, for free

  1. 1.3.0: List command

    - Added /backup list command (permission: easierbackup.list)
    - Always make backup folder exempt, preventing infinite loops caused by a bad config
    - Minor formatting fixes
  2. Fix Windows compatibility

    - Fix Windows directories not getting exempted due to the different file seperator
    - Fix terminal commands not getting executed on Windows
  3. Release 1.2.0: Announcements

    You can now enable/disable and customize announcements in the configuration file. This allows you to automatically send a message in chat when a backup is started, completed or aborted.

    - Fix tab completion (again)
    - Only show tab completion suggestions which match what the user has already typed
  4. Fix autosave re-enabling

    Previously, autosaving was not getting re-enabled when the backup got aborted. This update fixes that problem.
  5. Release 1.1.0: In-game progress bar

    Loading bar
    When a backup is running, any players with the permission easierbackup.showprogress and/or easierbackup.controlbackup will be shown a loading bar.

    Permissions changed

    This updates changes the permissions. The new permissions are:
    easierbackup.showprogress - Shows you the loading bar
    easierbackup.controlbackup - Gives you access to /backup start and /backup abort
    easierbackup.reload - Gives you access to /backup reload

    • Fixed tab completion...