EasterEggs | [1.7-1.14] 0.1.7

Create eggs with a behavior command as a reward :)

  1. Phloxz
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14


    Unlimited Eggs
    Multiple Reward Commands possible
    Player Name Placeholder ( %player% )
    Eggs Found Placeholder ( %eastereggs_eggsfound% )
    Total Eggs Placeholder ( %eastereggs_totaleggs% )
    Different Egg Colors
    Configurable Command Permission
    Configurable Top Permission
    Configurable Prefix
    Configurable Claim / Claimed Messages
    Egg Rewards for every Player
    Toggleable & Selectable Animations
    Top Command - Eggs Found

    PlaceholderAPI Support from @clip
    MVdWPlaceholderAPI Support from @Maximvdw

    /eastereggs add give %player% minecraft:diamond 1 | say %player% found a new egg!

    Permission Usage

    Use "eastereggs.admin" to maintain the base Command /eastereggs

    This is a Stream Project.
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Recent Reviews

  1. ResidentEvil87
    Version: 0.1.7
    Hi, this is a really good plugin, it works very well so far. However, the placeholders do not work.
    1. Phloxz
      Author's Response
      The placeholders do Work 100% correct If you use them correctly. Please PM me with your usage explanation so i can Help you :)
  2. madwolfpack
    Version: 0.1.7
    %eggs% Neither placeholder is working for me %eastereggs_eggsfound% not too sure
    1. Phloxz
      Author's Response
      Based on the placeholderapi specific different placeholders are used, Check the placeholderapi for the correct usage of an external pluginn
  3. KarmaConfigs
    Version: 0.1.6
    Good, but when I restart the server, heads keep on, but not as EasterEggs, (The heads keeps the EasterEgg skin but they aren't EasterEggs) I don't know if you understand
    1. Phloxz
      Author's Response
      Lol? Have you maybe changed the Skull textures?
  4. starnos
    Version: 0.1.5
    A developer who brings fun to every server. I am happy about your plugins. They are clean and well written!! Keep up the good work. You are an enrichment for every server
  5. eickmung
    Version: 0.1.5
    The Best EasterEggs Plugin. Very Support Plugin. Nice Easter Plugin. Really Best !
  6. MarkElf
    Version: 0.1.4
    I spent a good bit of time looking for something like this but with Christmas gifts a few months ago. Well done!

    Edit: Wow, I didn't even realize that you had done something like that for Christmas gifts already. Not sure if 1.13 support where be there before today but still, I wish I found this sooner.
  7. ProPl4yerCz
    Version: 0.1.3
    This plugin is very nice.

    I use this plugin on my server at Easter.

    I don't find any bugs.

    - ProPl4yerCz
  8. skyfyx
    Version: 0.1.3
    Very nice plugin , an idea for you, custom the choice of skull , for halloween , christmas and anything other. And this plugin will be the bestest plugin of my life ! :p
  9. luco1
    Version: 0.1.3
    This plugin is really good, except some message mistkaes like message spam etc. Anyway, this plugin can be used just for Easter, not for christmas or halloween :) 4 stars
  10. Florens_
    Version: 0.1.3
    Good plugin, but idk if there is any option to change the heads? Since i want them to be a pumpkin for halloween ;)