EasterEggs | [1.7-1.16] 0.2.1

Create eggs with a behavior command as a reward :)

  1. Phloxz
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16


    Unlimited Eggs
    Multiple Reward Commands possible
    Player Name Placeholder ( %player% )
    Eggs Found Placeholder ( %eastereggs_eggsfound% )
    Total Eggs Placeholder ( %eastereggs_totaleggs% )
    Different Egg Colors
    Configurable Command Permission
    Configurable Top Permission
    Configurable Prefix
    Configurable Claim / Claimed Messages
    Egg Rewards for every Player
    Toggleable & Selectable Animations
    Top Command - Eggs Found

    PlaceholderAPI Support from @clip
    MVdWPlaceholderAPI Support from @Maximvdw

    /eastereggs add give %player% minecraft:diamond 1 | say %player% found a new egg!

    Permission Usage

    Use "eastereggs.admin" to maintain the base Command /eastereggs

    This is a Stream Project.
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Recent Updates

  1. [Added] LoadDelay
  2. [Update] 1.16 Support
  3. [Changed] Top Command

Recent Reviews

  1. TomiTM
    Version: 0.2.1
    Very good plugin, but I would like to change the style of the egg for example a soccer ball
  2. ErBest
    Version: 0.2.1
    The plugin is good, but lacks MySQL, since I use the CoudNet system and all data is deleted after a restart
  3. Istarengwa
    Version: 0.2.1
    Good plugin, but when the server restarts the eggs become heads

    1. Phloxz
      Author's Response
      Basically this means that your Server translates the map Heads Into Default Heads, this is Not an Plugin issue, this is an issue that comes from your world system. Basically If you are on an fresh Server, the textures will stay on the head, so your world system basically destroys the textures. Known issues are for example with using viaversion or protocolsupport, breaking the Maps while using an older map with trying to reach newer Versions of Spigot Users.
  4. csdsmile
    Version: 0.2.1
    Very good, almost exactly what I was looking for!
    Thanks for the plugin.

    Some suggestions:
    - Allow players to check their individual egg count instead of only top 10
    - Allow admins to change the type of block from a head to something else (such as wool)
  5. NexturnAlpha
    Version: 0.2.1
    Excellent plugin. I'm glad that you can have it run commands from other plugins allowing you to even further reward your players with loot boxes and whatever else you can come up with! So glad this plugin works and works well!
  6. daf4ever
    Version: 0.2.1
    This plugin is really simple. It will do commands when you click on it. Per default other players that dont have perm cannot spawn in eggs which is nice. For my commands to work i had to remove "minecraft:" If you know commands this is really nice to have for this easter
  7. Wizirdi
    Version: 0.2.1
    Amazing plugin, this is my second year using it and I absolutely love it! Great job to the dev
  8. aidanurky
    Version: 0.2.1
    very good plugin perfect for a stream event! however i cant quite get it to give items when they break it? it just gives the player head.
  9. Alex99
    Version: 0.2.0
    Hi you can add support for %eggs% also in the commands that are executed when you find an eastereggs
  10. PureHeroine
    Version: 0.2.0
    Very good plugin for some events or something like that, :) no errors no lags everything works how it should work.. nice :) But is there any chance to add feature like commands for player? /egg stats for example and player will see how many egg he found from the maximum, like 24/300 and next feature is deleting all egs in one command.(if u delete locations eggs from .cfg u make all egs not working, but there still be everywhere playerheads with that egg skins) thanks for answer and wish u good luck with next updates