EasterEggs 0.0.2

Have fun and celebrate Easter with Easter Eggs!

  1. AniSkywalker
    What is EasterEggs?
    EasterEggs is a new way for you to have fun on Easter! It allows you to make customizable eggs that will drop items upon landing! It has fully integrated Language support and almost completely manageable from in-game. Next update will *fully* support sometimes blowing up!
    Well, how does it work?
    Simple! Just follow these simple steps.
    1. Install the plugin by putting the JAR file in the plugins folder. Restart or reload your server to finish installation.
    2. Use '/adddrop' while holding the item and the quantity of the item you want it to drop in your hand.
    3. The eggs that land will then drop that item and any other drops.
    4. To remove a drop, use /listdrops, find the ID of the drop, and use /removedrop [ID].
    5. Use /eggs to toggle the Easter event--While it's active, eggs will drop items. Otherwise, it's pretty much normal eggs.
    So what's this Language thing?
    This plugin lets you customize your messages via a language file, which defaults to English. Just edit the file and reload the plugin!


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