Easy Chat 2.0

Perfect for Lobbys! Disable or enable the Chat with a command!

  1. RootUnderground
    Notice: This is the first release of this Plugin, if it has got any bug please send me a private message or comment.

    This is a Hub utility for enable or disable de global chat. Its free of course and is a very simple plugin. You can edit the sentence that the plugins answers you when you use the command /tchat.

    • /tchat - You toggle on/off the global chat.
    • tchat.use - You have to add it in your Permissions Plugin.
    Thanks a lot to Potente1110, he has helped me with some things in the plugin.
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Recent Updates

  1. Easy Chat - Added a Config File

Recent Reviews

  1. DynamicJk
    Version: 2.0
    Excellent plugin for Hubs that want silence at some points