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  1. Small addition and fixes!

    Version: 3.6.3

    This version recommended downloaded!

    • [Add] Added the Player Clear Chat system when leaves.
      • If player leaves the server, his chat will be cleared so when he logs back, he doesnt have those old messages.
      • This system can be enabled/disabled in the console. For default it is disabled.
      • You can bypass this system with the following permission:
        • clearchat.leaveclearbypass
    • [Improved] Now the /eec v and /eec info messages look a lot more nicer and professional!
    • [Fix] Fixed some problems with the /eec reload command which was causing troubles with Listeners. Now it works perfectly!
    • [1.13] As announced before this version has been made with spigot 1.12.2 but tested in 1.13 server. Please remember EEC support for 1.13 is in beta.
    • [Ideas] Please give your ideas and suggestions!
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