Easy Clear Chat | Simple and Lightweight | No bugs to care about 3.7.0

Best lightweight simple clear chat plugin outhere! No bugs and works perfectly!

  1. Performance and improvements!

    Version: 3.6.4

    This version recommended downloaded!

    • [Performance] Improved performance giantly. The way of managing messages had some changes and that made the whole plugin have a tremendous performance improvement, you will notice it immediatly.
    • [Improved] Now the help messages look a little bit nicer.
    • [Improved] Now the update messages look a little bit nicer.
    • [Updated] Updated to the latest bStats version!
    • [Updated] Updated to a newest Spigot API version!
    • [Info] ECC runs 1.14.4 perfectly!
    • [Ideas] Please give your ideas and suggestions!
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