Easy Clear Chat | Simple and Lightweight | No bugs to care about 3.7.0

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  1. Improvements

    Version: 3.7.0

    This version recommended downloaded!

    • [Add] Added clearchat.clearchat.bypass permission
      • If you have this permission, when the chat is cleared you will be bypassed.
    • [Add] Added ClearChatMessagesNumber setting in config.yml file
      • Now you can change the amount of blank messages sent to chat in order to clear it.
    • [Add] Moved to a new way of managing commands. Now all real commands start with ecc_, so for example real command would be /ecc_clearchat , but it is not taking advantage of the alias system in the plugin.yml so commands will still work the same
      • This will be useful for not overriding with other plugins.
      • You can now add as many aliases to commands as you want, and remove the ones you dont want.
    • [Improved] Improved the way of handling permissions and added descriptions to them in the plugin.yml file.
    • [Updated] Updated to the latest bStats version and added some improvements to it!
    • [Ideas] Please give your ideas and suggestions!
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