Easy Clear Chat | Simple and Lightweight | No bugs to care about 3.7.0

Best lightweight simple clear chat plugin outhere! No bugs and works perfectly!

  1. Improvements

    Version: 3.7.0

    This version recommended downloaded!

    • [Add] Added clearchat.clearchat.bypass permission
      • If you have this permission, when the chat is cleared you will be bypassed.
    • [Add] Added ClearChatMessagesNumber setting in config.yml file
      • Now you can change the amount of blank messages sent to chat in order to clear it.
    • [Add] Moved to a new way of managing commands. Now all real...
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  2. Performance and improvements!

    Version: 3.6.4

    This version recommended downloaded!

    • [Performance] Improved performance giantly. The way of managing messages had some changes and that made the whole plugin have a tremendous performance improvement, you will notice it immediatly.
    • [Improved] Now the help messages look a little bit nicer.
    • [Improved] Now the update messages look a little bit nicer.
    • [Updated] Updated to the latest bStats version!...
  3. Small addition and fixes!

    Version: 3.6.3

    This version recommended downloaded!

    • [Add] Added the Player Clear Chat system when leaves.
      • If player leaves the server, his chat will be cleared so when he logs back, he doesnt have those old messages.
      • This system can be enabled/disabled in the console. For default it is disabled.
      • You can bypass this system with the following permission:
        • clearchat.leaveclearbypass
  4. Updater back again!

    Version: 3.6.2

    This version recommended downloaded!

    • [Add] Added the updater system back again!
    • [Add] Added /eec bugreport which will send some messages to the console in order to make my life easier when you report bugs! (wish you never need to use it :p)
    • [Fix] Fixed some small messages.
    • [Also] You should check the all the features that had been added in 3.6 version! Also all the bugs fixed and systems improved!
      • ...
  5. Update Checker Fix

    Version: 3.6.1

    This version must be downloaded!

    • [Fix] Disabled the Updater Checker till new update cause spigot disabled the webpage devs used to check updates.
  6. Terrific Update

    Version: 3.6 - Terrific Update

    This version is recommended to download! This version will change almost everything. All aspects of the plugin had been changed, tons of bugs fixed, tons of messages improved, more configurable, and more!

    • [Add] Now all the messages are editable with colors.
    • [Add] Now all the commands are console friendly, meaning there will be no ugly console errors and you will be able to use the plugin's...
  7. bStats

    Version 3.5

    • [Changed] Now this plugin will no longer use mcstats for metrics, it will start using bstats because mcstats is almost all the time offline.
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  8. New additions!!

    Version 3.4
    • [Add] Added support for the new minecraft versions!
    • [Add] Added a new Updater system!
    • [Add] Added localization, now you can set the plugin into spanish and english language. More languages will be available (if people helps me translating)
    • [Add] Added Metrics!
    • [Change] Changed plugin name into EasyClearChat in order to make Metrics work
    • [Fix] Fixed some bugs of the plugin.
  9. 1.9 available!

    Version 3.3

    • [Add] Added 1.9 support!
    • [Add] New aliases added:
      • /pcc [player] ; Alias for: /playerclearchat [player]
      • /cmc ; Alias for: /clearmychat
  10. ClearChat 3.2

    Version 3.2

    • [Improved] The system for getting the version of the plugin has been improved! (You can get it with using /clearchatplugin version or with our new command /clearchatplugin info)
    • [Add] A new command has been added:
      • /clearchatplugin info
        • Details: It gives you this information: The plugin's version, the plugin's author, and the plugin's website.
        • Permissions: You dont need any permission to use this command