Easy FTP - Automated FTP client! 1.1

Maintenance your web server from your local machine, syncs your local files with the remote server!

  1. TitanDevX
    As a server owner, it was always easier for me to maintenance my online server locally but in the end i have to push all the world and plugins files which takes forever! especially for the files that i don't know how it's being edited like world files.
    But i have found solution! you don't have to push everything, only push the changes! and i have made a java application for it!

    You only have to specify your webserver connection details and the local server location (folder) and you are good to go!
    You can sync your local files with the remote ones whenever you want (from the main menu).

    The first AI menu, here you need to specify the ftp connection details and server directory scope, cache are saved, you only need to type details one time!

    Main Menu, if you press the sync button it will start detecting changed (by size), created or deleted files and push or delete them!
    This app is designed to be as much easy to use as possible, for that, all the text fields are cached, meaning you only have to type your ftp connection details/server location one time!

    Follow the steps here.

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  1. Changed UI look and feel from java to native.