Easy KitPvP 1.1

The Ultimate KitPvP plugin! Setup your own kits, add powerups, upgradable with my other plugins...

  1. jorisguffens
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    The Ultimate KitPvP plugins contains a lot of features.
    You can setup your own kits with colored names & lores, you can add enchantments and amounts. You can set prices to every kit (Vault required). You can disable/enable and inventory menu to easy select kits with colored names and lores. This plugin is fully configurable!

    If you set in the config 'money-vault' to 'true' you need to install vault and any supported economy plugin!


    Only 2 commands:
    - /kits Get a list of aviable kits
    - /kit <kitname> Get a specific kit

    - kitpvp.KITNAME
    replace KITNAME with the name of the kit.


    Enable/disable spawning at specific location after dead
    kitpvp-spawn: true

    The spawn location
    spawn-location: WORLD:world X:100 Y:100 Z:100

    Enable/disable using money for kits and getting money on kill
    You need to install vault and any supported economy plugin!!!
    download vault here http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/vault/

    vault-money: true

    The money amount playes get after a kill
    money-amount: 5

    Enable/disable a configurable inventory to select kits!
    kit-inventory: true

    When click with an item the inventory open! *use minecraft ids* (set to 36 to disable)
    inventory-item: 1

    Set the amount of slots in an inventory! *only 9-18-24-36-45-54 or this will not work!*
    inventory-slots: 9

    Enable/disable losing hunger while in pvp!
    no-hunger: true

    Enable/disable breaking and placing blocks while in pvp!
    no-block-break-and-place: true

    Enable/disable playes have a little change to get a random boosts on a kill!
    Boost are: speedboost , jumpboost (6 blocks), instahealth
    random-boost-on-kill: true

    Enable/disable playes haves a little change to get a enchanted golden apple on a kill!
    notch-apple-on-kill: true

    Enable/disable kits with bows and/or arrows gets a small amount of arrows after a kill!
    arrows-on-bow-kill: true

    Enable/disable dropping items while in pvp!
    no-item-drop: true

    Enable/disable dropping items on dead!
    no-item-drop-on-death: true

    Enable/disable regain health!
    no-health-regen: true

    This is the configuration about kits!

    By the classes you need to place the names of kits and/or his prices!
    - knight
    - archer cost:100

    If the kit select inventory is enabled you can setup here the items that wil displayed in the inventory!
    kitname <id> <amount> <slot> <amountname:<name> lore:<lore> enchant:<id>:<level>

    You can add more enchantments but you need to place a '-' between enchantments. The lore and name support color codes!

    - knight 272 3 3 name:&aKnight
    - archer 261 1 5 name:&cArcher lore:&7The_best_archer_kit_everr!,&7Archer_kit

    Here you can setup all the kits:
    <id> <amount> name:<name> lore:<lore> enchant:<id>:<level>
    You can add more enchantments but you need to place a '-' between enchantments! The lore and name support color codes!

    - 272 1 enchant:16:2-17:1 name:&5Knight_Sword
    - 364 5
    - 307 1
    - 261 1 enchant:48:1 lore:&5Nice_Bow!
    - 262 16
    - 364 5
    - 307 1

Recent Updates

  1. Bugs fixed, working with the "heads" upgrade!

Recent Reviews

  1. AccerXD
    Version: 1.1
    Very great plugin, it is a must-have plugin for my kitpvp server.
    Hopefully the next update will be available soon. My friends and me enjoy this plugin very well.
  2. MrBradleyV
    Version: 1.1
    Works great, My friends and me enjoy it, it has everything in it. And GufGuf is friendly and helping developer, i recommend this for everyone that wants a good plugin