Easy Lists 2015-08-10

Displays staff on the server, configured in the config, or added within the game

  1. DarkPrism_

    Easy Lists is now very customizable, and can do virtually everything. This plugin now features commands thats allow you to add player to the lists from In-Game, but still are added to the config. The plugin is allows you to add donators and staff into the correct lists. There are multiple updates and new thing you are able to do with Easy Lists. This plugin doesn't necessarily have to be used for Staff and Donors, this can be used to list your favourite comedian, best PvPer on the server, etc.


    • /staff - Displays Staff within 'Staff List'
    • /donators - Displays Donors within 'Donor List'
    This plugin has in game compatible commands to add player to either Donor or Staff list. With a few different arguments, you can virtually add any rank, donor rank, or names within the list.

    • /staff add/remove Super-developer DarkFusionDev - Adds player 'DarkFusionDev' to 'Staff List' under 'Super-developer' rank.

    • /donators add/remove Diamond DarkFusionDev - Add player 'DarkFusionDev' to 'Donator List' under 'Diamond' rank.

    • /listhelp - Displays interceptions about how to use the plugin.


    • Adding players to the lists requires the permission "easylists.add" or OP
    • Removing players to the lists requires the permission "easylists.remove" or OP
    • All player can view lists.


    The config is very simple. You can add and remove thing from it, but the server has to be stopped. Adding to compatibility of in game adding and removing ranks means you must stop the server, to remove and groups. All group can be added, edited, or removed through the config and is very customizable to your needs.