Easy SQL+FOLDER backup script 1.1

Backup your minecraft server and your sql database in a folder !

  1. _Blackdiamant_
    A simple way to generate a backup folder of your Minecraft server and your database(s) with a simple script !

    Installation tutorial:
    1) Place the "backup-script.sh" on your linux server.
    2) Change the rights to execute the script to 777 (chmod).
    3) Open the file and modify the configuration.
    4) Execute your script using ./backup-script.sh

    Enjoy !

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    I'm french, i'm not really good in english,
    If you have question or suggestions post a comment !

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  1. Backup script v1.1

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  1. chas13
    Version: 1.0
    niceee , you know what would be even more nicer? TO ADD MULTIPLE DATABASE SUPPORT OH YEAH!
    1. _Blackdiamant_
      Author's Response
      I will !!!