EasyBalance 1.1

Read your balance without the hassle of counting numbers!

  1. lolelf123
    Hello Spigot Resource Community!

    I have created the plugin "EasyBalance" because I'm sure you have the same issue as me -- especially on Prison servers, reading off numbers just to figure out how much money you have can be like finding a second balance!

    Today I introduce to you -- EasyBalance!

    EasyBalance puts commas where it's supposed to, just to make it easier for you to read.

    • /money -- View how much money you have.
    • /bal -- View how much money you have.
    • /balance -- View how much money you have.

    The best part -- no permissions needed!



    Planned Features:
    • Permissions, as some people would rather have permissions than not.
    • Please feel free to suggest some features you'd like to see down below in the ratings section!
    Open Source:

    Thank you for downloading!
    If you like this resource, please give me a like and/or leave me some feedback, as this is my first plugin on Spigot and there's definitely room to improve!
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