EasyChat 1.1.1

Create multiple Chats, write in Colors, mute Players, censore swear word, mute players, Spamfilter!

  1. StackBasher
    You can create multiple Chats, write in Colors, mute Players, censore swear words, mute players, write ♥! This plugin is free!
    Screenshots incoming!

    Just put this Plugin into jour plugins folder and restart your Server!

    /chat help [1-2] for all Commands

    @all = message to everyone

    /chat create <ChatName> Create a chat
    /chat list [all] Shows you all chat
    /chat join <chatname> Join a chat
    /chat leave Leave a chat
    /chat setpublic Everyone can join your chat
    /chat setprivate Players have to ask for joining!
    /chat askforpermission <chatname> Ask an chatadmin to join his chat.
    /chat accept <Player> Accept joinrequest
    /chat deny <Player> Deny joinrequests
    /chat ban <Player> Ban player from you chat
    /chat unban <Player> Unban player from you chat
    /chat blacklist <add:remove> <word> Add word to ChatFilter
    /chat whitelist <add:remove> <word> Does your chat ban a legal word? Add the word here!
    /chat clean Cleans you chat.
    /chat setHelper <player> Give a Player more Permission in current Chat
    /chat removeHelper <player> removes a Helper
    /chat kick <player> kick a Player!
    /chat delete delete your Chat at next restart.

    /colorcodes [full]
    returns a list with all colorcodes.
    /mute <player> <minutes> mute a player from every chat!

    EasyChat.AtALL Needed to send a message to every Chat

    &black &0
    &dark_blue &1
    &drak_green &2
    &teal &3
    &dark_red &4
    &purple &5
    &gold &6
    &gray &7
    &dark_gray &8
    &blue &9
    &green &a
    &aqua &b
    &red &c
    &pink &d
    &yellow &e
    &white &f

    &random &k
    &bold &l
    &strike &m
    &underline &n
    &italic &o
    &reset &r


    Found a Bug? Ideas for the next Update?
    Let me know them: http://easytrademc.weebly.com/contact.html

Recent Updates

  1. Added TagComplete
  2. The helper update