EasyChatLog [discontinued] 1.0.0

EasyChatLog logs the chat in a MySQL database and allows users to report offensive messages.

  1. BtoBastian
    Warning: This plugin will no longer receive updates!

    EasyChatLog - High-performance chat logger

    Hello, today I want to show you my plugin EasyChatLog. EasyChatLog is a bukkit plugin that logs the chat in a MySQL database. It also has a simple report system to allow users to report offensive messages.

    The plugin has the following command:
    • /chatlog help
      Shows a list with all avaiable commands
      Permission: chatlog.help
    • /chatlog lastMessagesOf <player> [page]
      Shows the last messages of <player>.
      Permission: chatlog.lastmessagesof
    • /chatlog messagesFromTo <from> <to> [page]
      Shows all messages in a period of time.
      Permission: chatlog.messagesfromto
    • /chatlog search <page> <pattern>
      Searches for a word or text.
      Permission: chatlog.search
    • /chatlog report <player> [page]
      Shows a list with the last messages of <player>.
      You only have to select the offensive message.
      Permission: chatlog.report
    • /chatlog reports [page]
      Lists all reported messages.
      Permission: chatlog.seereports
    1. Put the plugin in your /plugins folder and restart your server.
    2. Open the config.yml file in the folder /plugin/EasyChatLog/.
      Enter the data of your database and set "done" to "true":
      Code (Text):
      # The settings for the database. Dont forget to set "done" to "true"
          host: "localhost"
          port: 3306
          database: "database"
          user: "user"
          password: "pasword123"
      # Set this to true after configuring the database.
          done: true
    3. Restart your server again. You're done!
    • High-performance plugin. The plugin uses a thread- and connectionpool to ensure that the plugin has as little impact on the server performance as possible.
    • Easy to use: You can navigate throw the pages by clicking. No need of command to navigate throw the pages.
    • Integrated report system: Let your users report offensive messages.
    • Easy configuration.
    • Lot's of usefull commands.
    • Uses plugin metrics!
    • OpenSource: GitHub + JavaDocs
    Some pictures:

    Planned features:
    • Pro-Mode: Stuff like regex-search.
    • Multilingual: The plugin should support your native language!
    • Update-Checker
    • Automatically delete old messages.

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    Version: 1.0.0
    Best plugin for moderation ! I have added this plugin for found text of player. Thanks you =)
  2. helptiger
    Version: 1.0.0
    Thanks, good work. I'll test it on tigercraft.de.