EasyCommands 1.1

Simplify vanilla commands!

  1. iAmGio
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    EasyCommands is an awesome plugin for your server.
    It allows you to use simplificate, but efficient, vanilla commands.


    • Very simple commands
    • CommandBlock-compatible
    • Based on vanilla commands
    • Custom NBTs
    • Costantly updated

    Commands & Permissions

    Rework of the "summon" command.
    Syntax: /create <entity> <x | h> <y | h> <z | h> [nbt]
    'h' is equal to '~', which means "player coordinates".
    This plugin ignores the first uppercase letter.
    EasyCommands also adds the "WitherSkeleton" entity, summonable normally using /summon Skeleton ~ ~ ~ {SkeletonType:1}
    Uses permission of "summon"

    Example: /create cow h3 h 391 Invulnerable:1,Silent:1

    Rework of the "title" command.
    Syntax: /show <all | me> <title>#<subtitle>
    If you don't want a subtitle, set it to 'null'.

    Example: /show all &3EasyCommands#&bis awesome!

    Rework of the "kill" command.
    Syntax: /remove r <radius> type <entity>
    Uses permission of "kill"

    Example: /remove r 10 type cow

    Rework of the "entitydata" command.
    Syntax: /modify r <radius> type <entity> <nbt>
    It modify entity tags.
    Uses permission of "entitydata"

    Example: /modify r 4 type slime moving:0

    Rework of the "setblock" command.
    Syntax: /place <x | h> <y | h> <z | h> <block> [data]
    This command also allows you to use custom wool names, like 'yellow_wool' or 'red_wool'.
    Uses permission of "setblock"

    Example: /place h h3 168 lime_wool

    NBT tags

    Here I used an NBT tag which doesn't exist ufficially.
    This plugin adds some useful tags:

    moving:0 - the entity can't move.
    name: - sets a custom name. You can use colors, but you can't use spaces.
    jumping:1 - makes the entity jumping after the spawn.
    light:1 - makes the entity glowing.
    power: - set the explosion radius for creepers.
    rothere - the mob has the player's rotation.


    Minecraft server 1.9.x
    Java 8


    In a command block, you have to power it to set the original command, then you can power it again.

    More informations about this plugin here.


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Recent Reviews

  1. rt2013
    Version: 1.1
    Awesome, but it can be better.

    Add commands like /fill, /spreadplayers, /weather, /tellraw, /me, /execute, /enchant. and add all other nbt tags.

    I know that this is a very hard work, but i think you must implements these features for make the plugin perfect :3