EasyCommands 0.2

Adds various commands to make your life easier! Customizable through config.yml

  1. Libroru
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    • 1.16
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    EasyCommands (EZCommands) is a plugin that allows you to execute commands like /gamemode in shorter amount of time. It also adds some new and useful commands like /fly

    If you don't like the selection of commands or you simply want to disable one, then you can do that in the config.yml file.

    Currently implemented are the following
    /s - [/survival] - Sets the player into survival mode.
    /c - [/creative] - Sets the player into creative mode.
    /sp - [/spectator] - Sets the player into spectator mode.
    /fly - Allows the player to toggle the ability to fly.

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    Just simply put the downloaded file into the plugins folder,
    After that, you can use it as normal or change the settings in the config.yml file normally found in /plugins/easycommands/config.yml

    I'm planning to add more and more commands over time.

    Also please notice that this is my first ever plugin and I would be more happy than ever to get some feedback from you guys. Let me know on my discord server!