EasyDoublejump v1.1

A simple double jumping plugin with survival flying permission!

  1. TheRealZxios
    This is a plugin I made late at night for no reason at all. I thought I would share it for anybody that purely wants a double jump plugin with the perfect configuration built in.

    Double jumping!
    Doesn't break creative flying.
    Permissions for survival flying!
    v1.1 or higher only! No fall damage on jumps.

    jump.survivalfly, Allow your staff members to fly in survival mode.
    No use permission yet. Let me know if you want one!

    Known bugs:
    Same as all double jumping plugins, due to the way Minecraft works in itself, players can sometimes jump more than once in the air.

    Hitting a block from any side also recharges the jump. This is something I can not fix due to server side limitations. This includes things like leaves, glass, bricks, wood, and any other block in the game that isn't a an entity, like a painting or item frame.

    This is written very similar to the Mineplex double jump plugin. I wrote this code myself, and it is currently available for free. I will be posting premium resources, such as a mini-game I am working on currently once I have 20 posts on Spigot :)

    If you need help, my Skype is: TheRealZxios.
    Please state you need help before you message me your problems :) Thanks!

    Hope you guys enjoy!
    Best regards,
    Alexis (Zxios) // LostTimePark Owner // Developer

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