EasyFlags 1.2

Make quick, customize-able factions safe/war zones through WorldGuard.

  1. TheTealViper
    Purpose: With this plugin you type a quick command and it transforms a WorldGuard region into the equivalent of a safezone/warzone that is used through Factions. The difference is the region flags are now customize-able unlike Factions'.

    • Java 8, NOT JAVA 7.
    • WorldGuard
    • WorldEdit
    • PermissionsEx

    • /ef <region> <flag> <true/false>
    Permission: worldguard.region.flag.* (or be an op)

    • empty - Quickly removes all flags from region
    • safezone - Restricts breaking, starvation, and allows interactions. Also disables "/f claim" and "/f home" while in the region.
    • warzone - Disables most breaking, and enables pvp and chest access.
    • To change the greeting message type /rg flag <region> greeting <message>
    • To change the farewell message type /rg flag <region> farewell <message>
    Donations: Although this plugin isn't very big, if you wish to support me _- https://paypal.me/AaronSkeels -_