EasyGUIs - a simple way to create/manage GUIs | Citizen support 1.2 beta

A plugin to create custom guis.

  1. Permission & Lore update

    New features added overview:
    - Lore customizing
    - Let only players with a special permission to see a specific item.
    - Allow permission protection on specific items.
    - Citizen placeholder permission option.

    Lore: true (To turn lores on/off)
    - "&lLine 1"
    - "&nLine 2"
    - "&7Line 3"
    - "&4Line &dWorks &f4"
    - "&7Line 5"
    - "&nLine 6"
    - "&7Line 7"

    2 permission types: (Both types can be configured on all items)
    1. Action type:
    PermissionOnAction: true (This will be used when you click on an item)
    PermissionOnActionPerm: "test.test" (The name of the permission requried to use the features of the clicked item)
    PermissionOnActionMessage: "&cYou are not allowed to use this" (Set the permission message)

    2. Show type:
    PermissionToSeeItem: true (If this is turned on only players with the permission will be allowed to see the item)
    PermissionToSeeItemPerm: "perm.see" (The permission)

    Citizen placeholder permission system:
    ID: 0
    GUI: gui1
    PermissionToOpen: true [New] (If this is on only players with the permission can open the gui from the npc)
    PermissionToOpenPerm: "test.perm" [New] (The permission)
    PermissionToOpenMessage: "&cYou are not allowed to open this gui" [New] (The permission message)

    Changed layout of files:
    Check out the new npc.yml inside placeholders: to see the new varibles for npc customizing.

    Check out the new test gui file, gui.yml inside guis: to see the new variables for gui customizing.
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