EasyGUIs - a simple way to create/manage GUIs | Citizen support 1.2 beta

A plugin to create custom guis.

  1. Null pointer fix + small update

    Fixed a null pointer error.
    Added so displaynames can be turned on/off foreach item(its turned off as deafult)

    HasDisplayname: false #to turn displayname on that item.

    Actions such as command execution on items, is no longer depented on displaynames.
  2. Permission & Lore update

    New features added overview:
    - Lore customizing
    - Let only players with a special permission to see a specific item.
    - Allow permission protection on specific items.
    - Citizen placeholder permission option.

    Lore: true (To turn lores on/off)
    - "&lLine 1"
    - "&nLine 2"
    - "&7Line 3"
    - "&4Line &dWorks &f4"
    - "&7Line 5"
    - "&nLine 6"
    - "&7Line 7"

    2 permission types: (Both types can be configured on all items)...